text Roland Kreuzer
The Art Project weltfragen

- A short overview -

weltfragen aims at spreading the four «Kant's Questions» in all the languages of the world. The questions appear on billboards, on transparencies, on flags, on t-shirts, on video screens, on buses, in the movies, in the internet, at events, on postcards, on CD-R, in the TV and in the papers. In short form: they appear anywhere where products are being introduced and advertised. It's not a product - but a 200 years old thought which is raised again into the public image.

weltfragen were realized in a broad series of artistic actions in many towns and cities in Europe during ten years. Starting in 1996 with he preliminary works, the collection of translations and the first test series in Berlin, we realized the first larg public street installation in 1999/2000 in Krailling and Gauting, near Munich, Germany, followed in 2001 by a great billboard campaign in seven towns and cities in Europe in co-operation with the association Kunst ist gut e.V. Berlin: weltfragen für Europa 2001. This project was a selected contribution to the "European Year of Languages" and was supported by the European Commission. In 2002, the project took part of the PaperArt 8 of the Leopold-Hoesch-Museum of the city of Düren, Germany; in 2003 a great weltfragen installation was realized at the Kleisthaus Berlin, Germany.

In October 2005, a weltfragen action was realized in Beirut: weltfragen for Lebanon.

We are cooperating with the towns administrations and other public institutions and is supported with technical, logistic and financial help. All the actions and installations will be co-financed: through cooperation with public institutions, through sales of multiples and objects, through donation and sponsoring.

weltfragen is an arts project, not a commercial project.