Seeking languages  
weltfragen is working with 80 languages up to now.
We have still great gaps in the list of world languages;
before all we are missing many languages of Asia and Africa.
Maybe you speak a language, which we are seeking up to now,
maybe you have contacts to persons who do so.

As a principle, we are interested in all written languages.
weltfragen works pictural; therfore dialects which are
just spoken will not be taken in.
For all languages apart from Europe we put for reasons of overview
the category "more than 1 million speakers".

We are missing languages from:

  South America
  South East Asia
  East Europe/North Asia (former USSR)
  Middle Europe

Please order information for translating by e-mail.
weltfragen often receives original handwritings of the
translations in typefaces which can't be sent by e-mail.
If you want, print a copy of the graphic translator sheet
with Kant's questions in German, English, French and
Russian for a manual writing of your translation:

  Translator Sheet

Last update: July, 4th 2004